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Starting With a Blank Page in Your Marriage – Natalia Drumm

April 15, 2020

Starting With a Blank Page in Your Marriage

What had started as a simple conversation one evening before dinner resulted in a full scale fight and tears for hours. 


In the past these events would shake me and make me feel off kilter for days. My husband and I may have resolved our problem or arrived at some neutral place of reconciliation, but I didn’t know how to stop stewing over the problem, turning a long night of sorrow into stealing my peace and joy over the next day or even week. 


This is absolutely not how God wanted me to handle conflict in our marriage. And I’m ashamed to admit I spent more years doing it wrong than right. 


However, the more I entrench my life in the Word of God, studying and seeing God’s story of His Son, Jesus, the more His Word comes alive in my life. 


The one truth I keep coming back to from God’s Word is that whether your yesterday was wonderful, or awful, for your marriage or your life, today is a blank page. God offers us new mercies every morning. We don’t have to hold on to the sin, struggle or strife of yesterday. 


Every single day we receive with our husbands is a fresh page to write a fresh story.

Starting With A Blank Page In Marriage

We don’t have to listen to the lie that today will be just like yesterday. In truth, there are addictions, there is bondage, there are problems that are chronic, and yes, some of those might be our reality for today. 


But just because the problem doesn’t go away today, doesn’t mean I have to repeat the same attitudes and actions I had yesterday. I can make today fresh simply by having a fresh faith and fresh perspective on the problems of the day. 


My husband was well aware of my bad habit of holding onto things for far too long, so with this one recent exchange of wills and words, when we set things right and reconciled and finally went to bed, he was a little surprised as to my response the next day. Prepared for me to still be stewing, when he asked me how I was before he left in the morning, I responded with, “Today is a blank page, and we don’t need to rewrite yesterday’s story.” 


Girlfriend, we have a divine opportunity today to release the pain and problems of yesterday and face today with a fresh heart and a fervent faith in the Almighty. 


Walk in His fresh mercy today, and leave yesterday in the past. It can’t hold power over us unless we hold ourselves to it. God doesn’t hold it against us and we shouldn’t either. 


Wife Step: Write down the things of your yesterday that you want to release to God, and then throw it away! Commit to having a fresh day today with your husband and God. It’s never too late to rewrite the story and wash it in grace.

Natalia Drumm is a writer, speaker and teacher with a passion for building community and engaging women in the Word of God. She is married to her high school sweetheart, and they are raising three little boys in their home town of North Port, FL. Natalia and her husband serve in their local church as marriage small group leaders and life group coaches. They have a passion for healthy marriages as they have seen the restorative power of God in their own marriage and family. 


Natalia is an assignment writer for Lifeway Women and serves as the Bible Study Content Editor at Living by Design Ministries. She also volunteers at Proverbs 31 Ministries on their proofreading team and leads a COMPEL Discovery Group. Natalia writes over at where she creates devotional study books on issues relevant to womanhood and living in the fullness of God’s design for womanhood. 


When not writing, or serving at church, Natalia spends her time running, reading and enjoying a good Netflix binge. She’s also not be one to turn down a cold Coke and hot chocolate chip cookie.


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