You get to the end of your day wondering where your time went, still feeling exhausted, wishing there were a simple way to live more intentional.

sound familiar?

Learn how to implement practices to create routines and rhythms.

Transfer your tasks into your Designed Day.

Learn how to define your tasks.

Renew your mind around your priorities and the time you have.

with the design my day workbook, you'll

Stop letting your time get away from you, and start having a plan for how you'll spend your day.

lucky for you...

- marybeth gibson

Utilizing the Design My Day method allowed me to craft routines into my days that flow better than they ever have. This guide is a must for anyone who is ready to begin a fresh season off on the right foot!

There is so much I wished I could do with my time, but somehow my days would get away from me - and I am a meticulous planner!

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Ready already?

How it Works

Purchase, then find your Design My Day workbook in your email!

Print it off, work through it in an hour or two - and use it again and again!

Enjoy your designed day, and hit the pillow feeling good about how you spent your day.




And it's actually pretty simple. I've learned a lot about using our time well, and have put it all together in a simple format so we can steward the time we have!

Oh - I also love creamer with some coffee (preferably not warmed up 5 times), belly laughing, meeting new friends, and hearing stories of good and hard.

I’m Amanda. I often get asked how I get things done with the short amount of time I have.



frequently asked

Your Design My Day workbook will be delivered to you via your email.

Yes! Actually, we hope you will! You can print the workbook whenever you're needing to refresh your time and schedule!

Design My Day guides you through aligning your priorities, tasks, and purpose with your time. Several day, week, month, and year layouts are provided, of which you can make as many copies of for yourself to enjoy. This is not a full planner, however you could print days, weeks, or months off by using the layouts provided to create your own planner.

No more excuses, no more lacking intention.

join the women taking back their time.

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