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It’s All Magical, Until It’s Not – Michelle Rabon

It’s All Magical, Until It’s Not Everything my husband said made me angry. I was mean and vicious to this poor man who had done nothing but love me well. But being married rubbed against the worst part of me - my selfishness.    The early years of our marriage...

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Not Stupid, Different – Karla Downing

Not Stupid, Different “Stop talking to me like I’m stupid,” my husband said to me. “I hate that tone.”    I didn’t respond because if I said something it would have had the same tone.    Honestly, this exchange occurred too often.    I needed to figure...

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The Power of “I’m Sorry.” – Natalia Drumm

The Power of “I’m Sorry.” The weekend was the perfect storm of all things gone wrong. Stress at work, fighting off a cold, hectic schedules, miscommunication, and grumpy kids.    A quick retort to one another on Friday night resulted in a full blown fight by...

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