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Dear Wife Craving a Honeymoon – Kristin Milner

Dear Wife Craving a Honeymoon Every five years, my husband and I plan a special anniversary trip together. We’ve been married eleven years, which means we’ve taken our honeymoon plus two additional big trips.   These trips have added so much to our marriage that...

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Dear Wife Who’s Trying So Hard – Sarah Geringer

Dear Wife Who's Trying So Hard Long before I was married, I struggled, striving to prove my worth. My family seemed to value my performance more than valuing me for who I was. Their critical remarks struck at my core, because I already didn’t feel valued.   Since...

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Dear Wife Who Struggles Hearing Criticism – Karen Friday

Dear Wife Who Struggles Hearing Criticism It wasn’t an audible voice. Yet, I knew the Lord spoke loud and clear, “Karen, check your heart.”     My husband does an amazing job taking care of our lawn: mowing grass, weeding the unwanted stuff,  blowing leaves, and...

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Dear Wife, Start Small – Natalia Drumm

Dear Wife, Start Small Dear Wife,   I see you there, on the edge of your bed as the tears drip down your cheeks.   I see the struggle in your eyes as you check out of the grocery store, your arms and your heart heavy with struggle.   I see your laughter...

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