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Growth For The Long Haul – Nylse Esahc

Growth For The Long Haul In the everyday moments of marriage, there are many opportunities to speak different languages, feel like you’re on different pages, and get annoyed with one another.    At a human level, if we don’t keep the bigger picture front and...

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Friendships Part 2 – Episode 24

Season 2, Episode 14Friendships Part 2 Your friends MATTER. How do we discern friendships that are actually unhealthy verses friendships that are worth the effort and energy to restore? What do we do if friendships are hurting us or our marriages? We dive into this...

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Unorganized and Overwhelmed – Kristin Milner

Unorganized and Overwhelmed One Sunday after church, my three girls and I walked through the parking lot towards our family van. As we walked, everything seemed normal. Both sliding doors were closed (which wasn’t always the case when walking towards the van to go...

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Friendships Part 1 – Episode 23

Season 2, Episode 13 Friendships Part 1 Do you ever wonder what the big deal is about friendships? Do you struggle to find your people? What does it really matter if we're married, anyway? This episode is so important and so good! Join us! The featured blog post in...

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