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Stop Talking to the Wrong Man – Natalia Drumm

Stop Talking to the Wrong Man Shortly after my husband and I were married we went to visit my family back home for a long weekend. My mom and I had gone out shopping one morning and on our car ride home we began talking about marriage and how life was going in my new...

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Date Night With the Devil – Kaitlin Chappell Rogers

Date Night With the Devil There I was with intentions of having a romantic, relaxing night with my husband. I had even promised him I was all his that night. But the enemy had other plans and I unfortunately RSVP’d to this instead, disrupting my plans with my man....

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Wife, Turn Back – Misty Phillip

Wife, Turn Back Hey busy mama, working woman, tired wife struggling to keep it all together. Every day you tirelessly love and serve your family.   I see you.   I’ve been you.   I am you.   And I know by the time night falls all you want to do is find a moment of...

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The Art of Apologizing – Karla Downing

The Art of Apologizing My husband had a very difficult time ever admitting to being wrong. No matter what I said to convince him that he hurt me or our girls, he would adamantly deny it.   Instead, he would turn it around and tell me that I was the one who was...

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