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Do you wish you had more alone time with your husband? Do you find yourself going through the day-to-day busy routine of life while your marriage is on cruise control, without intentional time together spent connecting? Do you desire deeper intimacy and love with your husband?

Being married is great, but being married and feeling intimately connected is what every wife desires. Dear Wife provides you with twenty-six heart-changing invitations to discover how Christ desires connection with you and how through connection with Christ, you’ll develop deeper connection with your husband.

In this book, you will:

  • Replace boring and busy with building deep intimacy and love

  • Swap ongoing complacency with intentional connection

  • Spend guided alone time with your husband and God

  • Experience more depth in your marriage relationship

  • Restore and build connection with God and with your husband

Lead a Small Group

Do you desire to bring women together in your community or online to grow and build relationship through Dear Wife? Grab your guide to help you get started!

What people are saying about Dear Wife: 


“The authors of Dear Wife masterfully meet wives right where they are with beautifully-written and heartfelt stories of struggle and hope. They help wives to see Jesus at work in every one of their letters, and they invite wives into a deeper connection with Jesus and their husbands like a sweet friend reaching out across the table to grab your hand and pray with you. Dear Wife is truly a must-read for every wife who wants to grow in the Lord and in her marriage. You’ll love it!”

– Ashley Willis, co-author of The Naked Marriage



“Hey wives! You already said “I do.” This book is a fresh new way to say, “I will.” The amazing women who wrote this book are just like you — they are wives who wanted to find meaning and connection in their marriages. And that’s exactly what they found. And now, they are giving you practical, Biblical steps to grow closer to your husbands, and most importantly, to God.”

– Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of It’s All Under Control and The Happiness Dare


Dear Wife is a wonderful road map for any woman wanting to find her way back to feeling ‘loved’ by her husband. It’s deep, practical and easy to read. Any woman feeling lonely within her marriage would benefit greatly by reading this book.”

– Matt Loehr, President, Dare to be Different, and Director of Marriage Mentoring: Love and Respect


“Marriage is beautiful, and marriage is hard. We know this. But how often do we stop to consider how marriage is God’s idea? In this profoundly meaningful book, an insightful team of real-life authors — wives like you and me — remind us that our earthly relationships are inextricably tied to our heavenly relationships, and that knowing Jesus means knowing and loving our husbands on a deeper level. Relatable, encouraging, and solidly biblical, Dear Wife is a remedy for every marriage that needs to reconnect with God and one another. I will revisit these pages again and again.

– Becky Kopitzke, author of Generous Love: Discover the Joy of Living “Others First” and The Cranky Mom Fix: Get a Happier, More Peaceful Home by Slaying the “Momster” in All of Us


“Wife, if you wrestle with feeling disconnected you are not alone. Dear Wife is a wonderful collection of real women sharing real answers to help you rekindle connection with your husband––and with your Heavenly Father.”

– Rhonda Stoppe, No Regrets Woman, author of The Marriage Mentor and Real Life Romance




“If you are looking to for your marriage to grow, this is your devotional. You will be challenged, you will be convicted, and you will be loved in the process. I’ve read lots of marriage devotional books and after a few days, they start to collect dust. This will not be your experience as you read Dear Wife. Amanda and her A Wife Like Me team are transparent in their own marriages and they offer sound, practical, tangible tools to connect with God and your husband. I loved reading the invitations, because they were timely and achievable, and yet, they challenged me to think about my marriage differently throughout my day.”

– Melissa Clark, MA, LPC-S, Christian Counselor for Individuals, Couples, and Teens


Dear Wife was literally dropped into my inbox at a time when I wanted nothing to do with being a wife. I was tired and weary and part of me was ready to give up. I had, only weeks before diving into it’s content, thrown my hands up in despair in yet another hard argument with my husband of 8 years. Forever seemed too long. As I somewhat reluctantly dove into the words penned on the pages of Dear Wife, that were clearly written for other women, I found myself floored by my response. My heart was softening, awakening, to a concept much greater than myself; the love and servanthood of our Jesus. Dear Wife is not just for failing marriages, succeeding marriages, wives of 2 days or 55 years. It’s for us all, all of us in the trenches of living lives as wives in today’s cultural climate. The structure of Dear Wife is helpful and practical with great application and calls to action in each chapter. I highly recommend this book to married women of all ages and stages. There’s something for every wife in the pages of this well written book.

– Chrystan Ferrell, author and speaker


“After being a wife for five years, I don’t know anything worth investing in more than my relationship with Jesus and my husband. If you’re hoping to develop a more intimate, joyful relationship with your spouse, Dear Wife is the book to help you do just that.”

– Lauren Gaskill, author, speaker and president of She Found Joy


“Amanda gets wives. And she knows how to reveal a deeper side to life’s most common trials. In Dear Wife Amanda and her team beautifully share encouragements to wives of all ages that will spark a deeper connection with God and their husband. With frankness and compassion, readers will find a safe place to expose their burdens and find themselves healed.

– Denise Pass, speaker, worship leader and author of Shame Off You and 31 Days to Hope Reinvented.


“This book is real encouragement written by real women in real marriages, with real faith in Christ. Without painting pictures of rainbows and butterflies, these women share relatable stories from their own lives, providing practical application based on the examples we see from Jesus in scripture. I heartily recommend this read for any wife who is looking to build connection with Jesus or with her husband, because with this book you’ll get both! Thank you, A Wife Like Me, for this wonderful tool for connection!”

– Amy Garvin, wife and mom, and professional receiver of grace

“As a pastor in ministry for over 20 years, I have seen the trajectory of marriages spiral when a husband and wife lose connection with Christ and with one another. And it happens in that order. Dear Wife is a call to remember, reconnect with, and remain in the One who resources our life and our marriage. Apart from Him, we can do nothing. Amanda and the A Wife Like Me team share their stories of self-induced failure and God’s faithfulness in marriage with refreshing honesty, humor, and humility. In so doing, they point us directly to Jesus who holds all things together, including your marriage.”

– Clay Mitchell, Lead Pastor