Meet Amanda


I want to squeeze your face and have you hear how happy I am to meet you. I have a feeling we’d chat and laugh for a really long time over some creamer with a bit of coffee. Or a DQ blizzard. Or both.

Since we lack the face-to-face, I’ll give you a speed version of…me.

I am easily excitable. I feel all the feels and love deep conversations – especially with people whose story I haven’t heard. I’m a real hot mess, particularly after 8pm. Quiet mornings are my favorite before the littles arise. I keep holding onto the hop of being someone who works out and is organized. I’m always looking ahead and dreaming. I’m energetic, and impatient.

I’m a wife to hunky farmer and a mama of three, who remind me every day how badly I need God to work in me.

I’m passionate about seeing you thrive in your calling as a wife. I know what it feels like to feel alone, exhausted, and even hopeless in marriage, and I know what it feels like to have thrive in marriage. My heart longs to see you living fully free as the woman God has made you to be – with all of your gifts and experiences and beauty. I pray that this ministry would give you new life in your walk as a wife and that it would catapult a movement of wives who live out wifehood in a brand new way that honors our God and impacts generations.

Wife, you are loved, and there is nothing you can do about it.

My favorite things are:

Coffee. I mean, cream with coffee.
Belly laughs.
Ice cream.
My crazy loud house with crazy amazing people.
Growing my faith in Jesus Christ.
My church.
My people.
Local eateries.

Friend, I am so happy you’re here. Will you grow and learn with me?

Let’s do this wifehood thing well, together.