Become A Contributor

Welcome, friend!

Thank you for taking the time to consider investing in the lives of wives. Now more than ever, marriages are being attacked. As wives who know Truth, we’ve got to be On Mission with a unified front!

A Wife Like Me will be a hub for all wives to visit where they feel like they belong, will be challenged with new perspective through scripture, and then encouraged to walk the wisdom out in their marriage.

The goal for having contributors on A Wife Like Me is to speak fully to the heart of all wives.

As The Wife Coach, I cannot be the sole voice of wisdom for wives.

That’s where you come in.

Through prayer, God has laid out that in order to serve wives well, it’ll take many wise wives coming together to give great wisdom. Your voice and experience is unique, and your background and faith walk speaks to wives who another’s might not.

In other words, WIVES NEED YOU! Marriages need you, and families need you. You have wisdom that others are hoping to find – and this will be the place where wives come to find it.

A Wife Like Me will prayerfully consider you as a Contributor if:

You are passionate about pursuing God in your daily life.
You are passionate about seeing marriages improve.
You are passionate about what Jesus has done in your life.
You’re a prayer warrior.
You’re seeking God for how to walk out marriage, and you believe He has taught you a few things along the way that would be helpful for other wives to know.
You understand you’re a sinner in need of a Savior.
You don’t pretend to have it all together.
You have a desire to see women passionately seeking God and walking freely because of it.


Our mission at The Wife Coach is to reach wives, speak to their pain, then get out of the way and turn them to Jesus. We will be transparent, draw them in by thinking ‘me too’, and then encourage and challenge them to seek the Lord with everything they’ve got.


As a contributor, your bio and links will be featured on the Contributors page, as well as on each post. You will also get first choice at  collaborative speaking events (if you are a speaker) and compilation book projects. You’ll also be supported by the most amazing team of writers and speakers out there. You. Will. LOVE. Us.

Commitment & Expectations

Contributors will commit to writing for A Wife Like Me once a month (400 word max). Deadline each month is the same, post must be submitted before the first day of each month on your assigned topic area.

Contributors will recognize basic writing flow (opening paragraph, felt need/problem, and solution/scripture, simple takeaway). We ask that you share your article on your own social media accounts, to spread the wisdom to as many wives as we can. Let’s change marriages and grow God’s kingdom!

This is not a paid opportunity.