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Why We Need Naked Marriages – Amanda Davison

February 12, 2019

Why We Need Naked Marriages

Leading a marriage ministry both online and at our local church, I hear from many couples who’ve become comfortable living in a stale marriage.


They’ve accepted the fact that their marriage is less than what they desire, comparing it to worst case scenarios.


And while we should celebrate a marriage intact and healthy, we also should be fighting for a marriage that is thriving and exciting.


Is that too much to ask, you might wonder?


Is it possible to not only stay married, but also be in a marriage where two people are actually fully invested and passionate about one another?


Dave and Ashley Willis, authors of The Naked Marriage: Undressing the truth about sex, intimacy and lifelong love, propose such a marriage is possible.


And I agree.


But how?


Dave and Ashley beautifully share how God placed Adam and Eve alone and naked in a place called Eden. Seeing the beautiful and shame-free picture God created marriage to originally be, it was altered and distorted after Adam and Eve sin. The perfect marriage Adam and Eve were able to enjoy would no longer be something for all to experience. Instead, husband and wife would have to fight sin, brokenness, and selfishness, to step into the beauty and fullness of what God designed marriage to be.


It’s not that we can’t experience a beautiful, intimate, naked marriage – it’s that such a marriage takes actual effort. Effort that in todays world is spent on the kids, the shopping, the activities, and presenting a perfect picture family and home to the neighbors and outside world. Couples today simply aren’’t choosing to put energy into creating the marriage our hearts were born to desire – and that we can experience.


A naked marriage, as Dave and Ashley explain, is very real and very possible. From having naked communication, naked honesty, naked sex, and naked purpose, couples can experience intimate, open, honest, vulnerable, and loving marriages. Sure, all marriages go through seasons where babies and transitions and real-life changes require our best energy. But let’s commit to not staying there forever. Let’s not settle for roommates or for stale love. 


Our children are watching. Their children are watching. Will the next generation grow up indifferent about the thought of marriage? Will their idea of marriage be underwhelming, and decide to live a life avoiding the union God created for them? Or will we show them a marriage that thrives? A marriage they will grow up to fight to have for themselves?


Today, you can learn how to initiate such a naked marriage with your husband, by grabbing your copy of The Naked Marriage: Undressing the truth about sex, intimacy, and lifelong love by Dave and Ashley Willis.

As the Founder of A Wife Like Me, Amanda Davison is on a mission to share how her education in counseling and God’s word changed her life and marriage. Her goal is to transform marriages through the hearts of wives by inspiring wives to live convinced of God’s love and love others from this awesome overflow. She is The Wife Coach, a Speaker, and Author. She works as the Director of Assimilations at The Naz church in Fergus Falls, MN, where her and her husband lead the Marriage Mentor Team. Her favorite ministry is inside her home where she is the wife to a farmer and mom to three.

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