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Rekindling Passion for Life

May 28, 2022

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By Kimberly Kralovic 

Have you lost your passion for life? You can rekindle it with God’s help, since he wants you to live an abundant life (John 10:10).

Maybe you’ve fallen into a routine where life feels anything but energized. Nothing is wrong, but your passion is lost, and you may be going through the motions. Realizing and addressing this pattern early on can improve your life, marriage and faith.

Rekindling Passion For Life

Rekindling Passion in the Rut

What should have been an exciting time in my life certainly wasn’t the case. Nothing was wrong per se, but I had lost a certain spark and didn’t know why.

I had moved and changed jobs, and my daily routine had been flipped upside down. Everything was evolving, and not in a good way as I mourned my old life. I felt like all areas were suffering, including my relationship with God. At the time I was prodding through life, one uneventful day after the next.

My love tank was officially empty, and I was craving passion. I knew I could rediscover what was missing, so I was ready to take on the search. Staying hungry for God’s presence was the one thing keeping me going.

Taking Small Steps to Rekindle Passion

I wanted my life to be vibrant with passion, but I needed to start with a new routine. First, I wrote down everything I was grateful for and excited about each day. Eventually, these small steps led to new perspectives, and fulfillment slowly arrived at my doorstep. I also wrote down goals, tasks, Bible verses and prayers.

Not only did I become intentional in this morning routine, but joyful through reading God’s Word. I also discovered that the occasional dance party was often necessary, especially when the coffee hit my veins. 

Romans 5:5 says, “and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” (ESV) Soon, other areas of my life gained a brighter light, and there was a greater emphasis on love and laughter. Feeling God’s adoration for me became life-giving. 

I became more patient with my words, friendlier in my demeanor and more playful with my husband. Worries that once mattered slowly melted away, and I felt like a weight lifted so my passion could be rekindled. 

Passion for life can infuse your faith and marriage with renewal. The world around you can feel renewed, too, submerged with an extra dose of passion from you. Let your passion for life overflow like the love Jesus has for you.

Wife Step: Choose one tip above to rekindle passion in your life.

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Rekindling Passion For Life

Kimberly Kralovic is a newlywed, writer, blogger and has a deep passion for encouraging women along the way. As an overcomer, she strives to touch souls with her authentic and impactful words, making others feel less alone in their journey while trusting God’s direction. Her tiny doses of happiness include hot cups of coffee, walking in nature, and all of life’s simple treasures.

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