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Passionately Following Jesus

May 7, 2022

By Heather Logan

Does following Jesus excite you? Is passionately following Jesus a big part of your life?

When We’re Not Passionately Following Jesus

As a Christian, it’s easy to say the right things. It becomes second nature to do what you are supposed to do. You may know all of the rules and do all of the right things, but do you truly love Jesus and love following after him? 

It’s one thing to say you love Jesus and want to live for his purposes, but to actually live your life in a way that reflects that desire is different.  

Unfortunately, even as a Christian, it’s easy to become concerned with how others see you from the outside rather than focusing on where your relationship with Jesus actually stands. 

You may have heard the verse, “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (1 Sam. 16:7 NIV), but that’s not how most of us live.

You want to look the part of a Christian, but do you really live that way when no one is watching?

Is living for Jesus something you enjoy or feel like you should do?

How I Started Passionately Following Jesus

I grew up in a Christian home. For the most part, I knew all of the things I was supposed to do. I wanted to be a good example and love God, so I made sure I was doing everything right. One day it shifted in my brain that loving and following Jesus was not simply about the things I did or did not do.

It was in a season of loneliness and desperation during my first year of college when it hit me that loving Jesus was not about rules and appearance. He had become the person I turned to when I was lonely. His Word was the only thing that truly comforted me when no one understood me. I began to experience what it was to know and be known by Jesus.

Now I have experienced high and low seasons of life and Jesus has been my constant companion through them all. The faithfulness, love, and goodness I have experienced while trusting in him and his promises have been the things that continually push me to live my life for him each day. He has always shown himself faithful. His faithfulness motivates me to live passionately for his purposes.

How to Start Passionately Following Jesus

Paul says in Romans 12:11 NIV, “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” I read this as Paul urging believers to be zealous and excited about what God is doing in the world. Not only about what he is doing in the world, but about who he is. 

Because of what Jesus did, you and I are the ones who understand that we walk in freedom from sin! We should be excited to tell others about that freedom, and the grace and forgiveness he extends to everyone. The problem is that we easily get caught up in our own guilt, shame, and the perception of others.

We get to rejoice in who Jesus is, what he came to do, and his plans to restore everything. Our hope is in eternity with him, and if Christians are not the ones excited about our future hope in Jesus, then who is? 

How you spend your time will reflect how you feel about Jesus. You will always make time for the things that are important to you. You value health, so you work out. You want to lose weight, so you eat right. You love sports, so you watch and sign up to get involved. 

If God is a priority, the things you do throughout your week should point to the fact that you love him and want to spend time with him. If you are passionate about Jesus, those around you will see that he is a priority by the way you live your life, how you spend your time and how you treat those around you. 

I am convinced that a life lived well is one that is always passionately in pursuit of knowing Jesus and making him known to those around you. 

Wife Step: Think about the way you live your life. Does it show that you passionately follow Jesus? What changes might you need to make to reflect this truth?

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Heather is passionate about Jesus, marriage, motherhood, and writing. She and her hubby have 5 kiddos, are enjoying their 2nd decade of marriage, and love being part of the local church. There’s really no such thing as “free time” but if there is a spare moment you’ll likely find Heather writing. She is currently putting the editing touches on her first book and has her sights set on authoring many more. Her love for coffee is strong, and her favorite way to enjoy her caffeine is during a conversation getting to know someone better. Heather’s passion is to encourage women in their pursuit of Jesus in all areas of life.

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