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How You Can Become Emotionally Healthy – Hannah Ackley

May 22, 2018

How You Can Become Emotionally Healthy

Lately I have been reading about being emotionally healthy…yikes. Am I the only who finds those words completely intimidating?


Specifically, I have been reading “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” by Peter Scazzero, where he dives into what happens to our spiritual walks when we strive for emotional health and healing. His book proposes that a Christian’s spiritual life will never be as God intended it until we are able to address our emotional issues and needs, and find a healthy emotional balance.


As someone who has a history of struggling with my weight and the associated body shaming, ‘emotional health’ has always felt a bit out of reach for me.


Outside of my struggles with body image, I feel like I’ve got it together. But when I’m faced with the challenge to think about my emotional health and truly check my heart, I find that dark yucky space where the insecurity and self loathing hide. Possibly, where my body image struggle originates. After all, having a healthy body image is connected with healthy emotional and spiritual health.


So what’s a girl to do when looking in the mirror everyday feels like a mental and emotional battle you just aren’t equipped to fight? Maybe you’re wondering, is emotional health even possible for someone like me? Do the negative and spiteful things I feel towards my own body disqualify me from healing? Could I possibly dare to share these dark places of my heart? Am I the only one who feels this way?


Friend, let me assure that first, you are not alone. And second, emotional health IS possible for you! You may be closer to being emotionally healthy than you realize.


How We Become Emotionally Healthy


A huge part of being emotionally healthy is being self aware. The moment that I accepted the fact that I was responding to my body so negatively was the moment that a door opened up for the Lord to come in a begin to heal those broken places. Becoming aware of what is broken within allows you to give those broken pieces to God.


The moment we share our struggles with the Lord is the moment we allow God into our struggles. We allow Him in, and He begins creating health within us.


Are you aware of that dark place in your heart? Are you aware of the negative feelings that you have about yourself? Then you’re there! You are ready for breakthrough, and with the guiding of the Holy Spirit, you are sure to find it, so long as you stay tuned to Him. Simply turn to Christ.

Wife Step: Simply admitting that you don’t have it all together is always the first step towards health.

Pray –

Lord, you know the places deep within me that need healing. Thank you for bringing them to the light. Help me to continue to, with the help of the Holy Spirit, find self awareness and to submit the areas of my life that are dark and scary. I submit my body, my self esteem, and my insecurities completely to you!


How can we pray for your today? Share here, or head over to our prayer wall – we’d love to pray for you!

Hannah is the creator of She is passionate about helping women develop a Godly body-positive attitude about themselves, which is a journey that she is on herself. She is deeply in love with her Creator, and also her husband, the handsome youth pastor. They are currently expecting their first Baby in August, and are so excited for the new adventure of being parents!

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