How-to Guide to Start Reading Your Bible

Bible reading doesn’t have to be complicated. But often times we make it complicated and never begin reading it.

You may be asking questions like, how do I read the Bible?  Is it something I can even understand? Where do I start?

Here are a few tips I’ve learned to help get started.

Be prepared before you sit down. If you aren’t, you’ll spend your time wondering what to do instead of actually reading.

Decide when you’ll read. I personally like to do my reading in the morning, but there is no right or wrong time. Is it over your lunch break? Over nap time? While your husband puts the kids to bed? Predetermine when you’ll carve the time out and protect it.

Decide how long you’ll read for. How long you spend is up to you. You decide what works for you. But try challenging yourself. Try to start with a 15 minute chunk of time and go from there.

Pick the location where you’ll read. I have a favorite spot where I love to do my reading. Where will your spot be? Have a cozy recliner? Downstairs couch? Kitchen table? Choose what your place will be.

Decide what you’re going to read. Decide beforehand what book and chapter you’ll read, or maybe, the verses.

Keep some necessities nearby.  I like to keep a notebook next to my Bible, some highlighters, and pens.  I do this so if something really stands out that I may want to study further, or I have questions about, I can write it down while the thought is fresh in my mind and it won’t take me down a different path.  

Once you sit down to read, before you begin, pray and ask God to reveal what He wants you to learn.  My prayer usually goes something like this, “Father, I want to see you and hear your voice. I want to know you so I can follow hard after you. I pray this in Jesus Name. Amen.”

During my reading time, I try to keep in mind two questions. Maybe you want to write these in your notebook. First, what is this passage telling me about God? And second, what does God want me to learn?  Keep in mind that the word is God’s love letter to us.


Wife Step:  If you are not in the word regularly, choose today to go through these step to daily to spend with God.

Tracy is married to the love of her life and best friend, Darrin. Together they have two beautiful children, Victoria and Edward and two puppies, Tripp and Zoey. She loves spending time at the beach, reading, and a great cup of coffee!

Tracy is passionate about helping women discover their God-given identity and unleashing their influence.  Visit her blog at and find her on Instagram, Facebook , Pinterest or Twitter.

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