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5 Tips to Foster Love in Your Busy Home

September 1, 2022

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By Rebecca Hastings

Do you long for a loving, peaceful atmosphere in your busy home? 

Most days my house felt anything but loving or peaceful. It seemed like we were always going in a thousand directions. School pickup. Grocery store. Sports. Run, run, run. 

Plus there was work, and that family party, and I think there was something about a dentist appointment for someone. It’s enough to make me feel twisted up inside trying to get it all done.

Breaking Busy

As we carried on like this, I discovered that feeling tense and twisty inside resulted in our home feeling tense and twisty. People get short with one another, dinner is rushed, things get forgotten, and tempers flare. 

This isn’t the atmosphere I want to foster in my home. 

“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.” Isaiah 32:18 (NIV)

This place described in Isaiah is the home I want. 

While it’s tempting to look for a system that will fix everything with the click of a button, the reality is that we need to be intentional about creating a loving and peaceful atmosphere in our homes. 

5 Tips to Foster Love in Your Busy Home

5 Tips to Foster Love in Your Busy Home

The good news? We can do it one small step at a time. Here are five tips to help you foster love in a busy home.

Slow down.

This isn’t as impossible as it sounds. Even doing a task such as washing the dishes slowly can foster a sense of calm within us. We don’t need to live like everything is urgent.

Look in people’s eyes.

Often when we talk to one another we are busy doing other things. Be purposeful about looking your family in the eyes when you talk to them, even little ones. Looking them in the eye shows them that you are focused on them and present.

Smile more.

I’m guilty of forgetting to smile. It’s easy to go through our day getting things done and completely forget that our family sees us the whole time. Letting them see you smile brings peace and joy into your home. 

Show affection. 

While everyone has a different comfort level with physical affection, it is an innate need in all of us (even teenagers!) Be sure to connect physically in ways people are comfortable with multiple times each day with hugs, kisses, high fives, or sitting close to someone so they feel your presence.

Play music. 

Try playing different types of music in your home. Worship is my favorite because it centers us on God (even if we’re not really listening.) Other music like fun dance music or a family favorite to sing out loud are great, easy ways to connect and foster love in your home. 

There are endless things that can help foster peace and love at home, but the trick is to start simple. Do things you can easily incorporate into your daily life and build on them to foster the loving home you desire and have the power to create.

Wife Step: Pick one of these activities and try them every day this week, watching to see how they help you foster love. 

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Rebecca Hastings is a writer and speaker helping women discover faith in their real, everyday life. Married for 23 years, she is a wife and mother of three living in her hometown in Connecticut. Her books, including Worthy: Believe Who God Says You Are, are available on Amazon. Rebecca can often be found typing words, driving her kids places, or wherever there is chocolate.

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