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10 Simple Ways to Bring Peace to Your Home

August 31, 2022

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By Jess Robichaud

Today I’m going to focus on 10 simple things you can do to bring a little peace in your home. These are things that have been quite helpful for me that I hope will be helpful for you too. 

Light a candle.

Find your favorite smell, light it, and take time to notice the flame in fragrance. Sometimes, something as simple as a candle can melt away stress. 

Do the dishes.

No one likes a sink full of dishes. It doesn’t take very long to do, but the feeling of a clean sink can be a huge stress reliever. 

Fold or hang your laundry as soon as the dryer is done.

This is one of those things that I put off all the time. I can’t tell you how many times I hit the “refresh” button or go to the dryer and pick out one thing that I need just so that I don’t have to fold all the clothes. 

If there were one chore that I detested more than all others, it would be folding clothes. But the more that I don’t do it, the longer that the clothes sit in the corner and are a continuous haunting reminder of something else that isn’t done. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the peace that comes after folding and putting away laundry. 

Make your bed in the morning.

I don’t mean a perfectly made bed. All I mean is pulling your sheets and blankets up so that the bed doesn’t look disheveled. Getting into a bed at the end of the day is an incredibly comforting feeling. 

Find a few moments in your day to enjoy a nice beverage.

Whether it’s a cup of iced tea, latte, a Coke, or fruit punch, take a few moments to let the drink envelop your taste buds. Notice the flavors. Sip, sit, and breathe. 

Allow things to be imperfect.

Yes, making the bed, doing the dishes, etc. are all good things and can be stress relievers on their own. Sometimes though, the best thing is to give yourself permission to be imperfect. 

Name five things for which you are thankful.

Take a few moments and think through those things that God has provided that bring you joy or where you have seen him care for you. In the midst of being busy, it can be easy to turn our focus to those things with which we are unhappy. Let’s center ourselves back on God’s provision and how much he loves us. 

Take some deep breaths.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it. Breathe slowly out through your mouth, like you’re blowing on a lit candle without wanting to put out the flame. Repeat this at least four times. Taking time to just breathe can decrease stress and anxiety, and calm our whole body. 

Open a door or window and take in the fresh air. 

With the window or door open, name something that you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. Being aware of our body can be a great way to bring calm. 

Do something simple that brings you joy.

I love fun smelling soaps in the kitchen and bathroom. My current smell is mandarin orange. Every time I lather up my hands, I get to take a whiff of something that feels almost magical for a minute. What might that be for you? What is a small change that you can make that would make a difference? 

Sometimes, it’s just the simple things that can make the biggest difference. 

Wife Step: Pick one step you can try today to bring peace into your home.

10 Simple Ways to Bring Peace To Your Home

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Jess Robichaud

Jess is passionate about helping couples have an awesome marriage built on the foundation of Christ. Out of their own marriage struggles, Jess and her husband, Adam, founded Radiant Marriage to challenge and encourage couples towards deep levels of intimacy with each other and with the Lord. Jess is also a licensed associate marriage and family therapist where she walks with couples through trauma to bring healing. Together with her husband, their main goal is to radiate the love of Christ and bring hope to couples in the midst of difficulty.

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