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10 Fall Date Night Ideas – Michelle Rabon

October 9, 2019

10 Fall Date Night Ideas

“Where do you want to go?” 

“I don’t know know wherever you want to go.”


This is how every single date night starts in our house. By the time we get into the car we are weary from the day and just grateful for the quiet space that the van has to offer. 


Jeremy and I usually end up at the same restaurants and almost always end up at the store because there is something we need at home. Sometimes date night feels bland or it’s difficult to decide what to do at the spur of the moment. 


Date night doesn’t have to be frustrating or complicated, because being together is what ultimately matters. 


However, Fall is a great time to cozy up, do something special, or even try something new for your date night. 


These ten date night or date day ideas will surely spark a little bit of warmth in your marriage and allow you to enjoy the season together. 


  1. Grab your hubby and head to a local Corn Maze for your next date night. Just you two. Not only is it a fun fall activity, teamwork is a great way to build up your marriage. Plus, there is something romantic about getting lost in a maze together!
  2. Take a nature Hike in the mountains, local park or nature trail. Going on a hike is great exercise, as well as the biggest perk – cooler weather and beautiful Fall leaves. 
  3. Maybe you love sports, or you’re like me and you don’t enjoy it as much as others. A great Fall date night would be taking your husband to a Football Game and cheering on his favorite team. Step out of your comfort zone and do something that he enjoys. 
  4. One of our favorite things to do together is go Apple Picking. Not only is it a staple Fall activity but it always means homemade pie, apple sauce, and other desserts. Most apple orchards have other activities like hayrides or cider mills, among other activities that you can do while you are there. 
  5. If you are a sweets lover, you can take date night to a Local Bakery. Linger over a great dessert and a cup of coffee. Take some time to enjoy the company and have a conversation about something that you are passionate about right now, or something that you have learned recently. 
  6. No Fall season would be complete without a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, kids are not required. Take a stroll through the patch together, find the perfect pumpkin, or even take a hayride. 
  7. If you can swing a babysitter for the weekend, take advantage with a Fall Getaway. Head to a local bed and breakfast or my personal favorite, a spa for some much needed time to relax together. 
  8. Need a quick date idea? Take a trip together to the local Farmer’s market. Check out the new produce and treats that local farmers have for sale. Linger a little longer down each row together exploring new things. 
  9. Need a date night at home idea? Make a Bonfire in your backyard, grab a blanket and a few chairs and snuggle under the stars next to the fire. Make it even better with a few s’mores. 
  10. If you live near the mountains, Fall is the perfect time for a Mountain Drive. We live close enough that we can take a day and drive up to the mountains and see the changing leaves. The car is a great place to talk about things going on in your life without any interruptions. Not in the mood to chat? Turn on the worship music, hold hands and just enjoy the company around you. 


However you choose to spend date night this Fall, just add a date night into your calendar! 


Wife Step: Choose one of the above options and schedule a date!  

Michelle is a writer and speaker on a mission to equip women to thrive in their walk with Jesus by getting into God’s Word every day. She is a wife to Jeremy – a Minister of Music, and mom to three wild and wonderful kids. She loves Christmas music all year, collecting shells, crazy socks, and drinking lots of coffee. You can find her at, on Instagram @displayinggrace, or on Facebook @Displaygrace 


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