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When We Want Someone to Care for Us – Amy Seiffert

June 6, 2019

When We Want Someone to Care for Us

“I just want someone to take care of me today.”

This thought rolled around my mind as I packed lunches, signed permission slips, found the one lost shoe that was trying to steal our joy, watched the clock to send each child on time, collected breakfast bowls and plates, wiped counters, made my way to shower to get to work on time and be somewhat presentable.

As a wife and a mom, we are in a major care-taking role. And this particular morning, I wanted someone to guide me, herd me, take care of me.

I was feeling in need. In need of care. Of love. Of being looked after. Of being seen and cared for.

It was really a call from the deepest part of me. I didn’t just want someone to pack my lunch, I wanted someone to steady my soul. I wanted someone to see me, lead me, guide me. I had so many details in my brain, overflowing to-do lists, and anxious thoughts. Initially I thought I wanted a personal assistant, but I quickly realized I wanted a personal shepherd.

I had memorized one of the most known and loved psalms long ago, Psalm 23. And like a good shepherd, He tapped me with His staff that morning, and reminded me He was right there. With me. Shepherding me. He reminded me what scripture says about Him.

So I walked my house and recited Psalm 23.

As I picked up some lost underwear in the hall, I said, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” As I gathered up legos, I rehearsed, “I have everything I need.” As I collected various stuffed animals, I whispered, “He makes me lie down in green pastures.” As I bent down to grab some little lost pajama bottoms, I said, “He leads me beside quiet waters.” As I turned on my shower, I let these words wash over me, “He restores my soul.”

He was shepherding me, as I shepherded my family. He was caring for me, as I cared for others.

He was restoring my soul.

I needed to know the truth. God is, indeed, right here. Caring for me. His words can wash over us and give us a fresh perspective, can sweeten the soul. We have everything we need; we shall not be in want with the Good Shepherd.

My heart steadied. Anxiety started to lose its grip. I started to believe the truths tumbling out of my mouth. I chose to say them out loud, to speak them over myself. God wanted me to hear His truth.

Was my day perfect after this? Of course not. But did I rest in the fact that He was guiding me along the right paths for my day? Yes. I did. I’ll take God-directed paths over unattainable perfection any day.

Dearest wife, have you read psalm 23 lately? Or maybe ever? It’s such a prized psalm because it unwraps the gift of a God who cares for our souls. It speaks to the longings of the heart and the needs of the soul.  

Wife Step: Commit to opening your eyes and reading Psalm 23 as your first thing. And read it again before you go to bed. Slowly you’ll memorize this if you do this for a week. Let the truth of who God is shepherd your weary soul. Goodness and mercy will follow you.

Amy graduated from BGSU in 2001 and married her college sweetheart, Rob, one week later. Amy worked in the college ministry of Cru from 2003 to 2015–8 of those years she served as Team Leader. Since 2003 she has regularly blessed the Cru staff, students, and BGSU Greek life with her exceptional speaking, teaching, leading, and mentoring abilities. In June of 2015, Amy brought her experience to the Brookside Staff Team as Director of Outward Movement. In November of 2017, Amy wrote her first book on motherhood titled “Chin Up: Wearing Grace, Strength, and Dignity When Motherhood Unravels Our Souls.” Amy loves anything athletic and competitive, especially tennis and Spikeball, and in her words she “really tries to believe that winning isn’t everything. But, that’s hard.” Amy also enjoys creating things, decorating, and helping others make beautiful spaces. Amy and Rob have three amazing kids ranging from 3 to 10 years old.

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