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The Idol of Busyness

November 15, 2022

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By Heather Logan

Have you noticed that it’s easy to wear busyness like a badge of honor? When someone asks how you are doing, often the response is “busy,” then you want to list all of the things in which you are currently involved. Maybe you feel more important and valued when you are participating in a lot of things. 

Many of you likely find yourself wrapped up in a lot of good things, and yet you are incredibly stressed and exhausted. Just because it is a good thing doesn’t mean it’s the right thing. 

When We Say Yes to Busyness

Do you ever find yourself saying “yes” to busyness when you really want to say “no”?

You say yes to things with good intentions, because you want to help, you want to invest in relationships and you don’t want to turn people down. Yet, when you look at your schedule, there is no margin for rest and no space to think. 

I believe the enemy is intertwined in our culture’s busyness. He LOVES that you are busy. He loves when you fill your schedule so full that you have no time for the things that truly matter. As a culture we are not:

  • spending time as a family
  • having meals together
  • volunteering in our churches
  • getting together with the people that bring us life
  • seeing the needs of others around us

You can invest your time and energy in a lot of things that seem worthy and noble, but maybe they aren’t the right things for you in this season. It’s okay to take a step back from some things in order to prioritize the things that matter most. It’s a good thing to set boundaries in your life and allow the most important things to run your day. 

How Jesus Handled Busyness

Jesus knew what mattered. Let’s follow his example! 

Satan wants to keep you busy with many distractions so that you are not able to hear the voice of God and follow his instructions.

I love in the scriptures when I see Jesus veer from his journey to go help someone. He is always on a mission and doing things on purpose. Yet, when someone comes to him with a need, he is never too busy. The most sought-after man takes the time to stop, be present and fill the needs of the people around him. 

Jesus was able to stop because he knew his own boundaries. There were always people following and needing him, but he knew when to pause and take a break. He knew when to just be with his disciples, and he knew when he needed to be alone with his Father. He did not try to do it all on his own. 

Matthew 14:23 NIV says, “Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowd. After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray.”

Jesus knew the importance of serving and loving the people around him, but he also kept good boundaries on his time to make room for the unplanned events that would arise that day. 

Tearing Down the Idol of Busyness

Is there margin in your day to be with God and pause when he brings unexpected opportunities? Or is your schedule so full that you don’t have time to stop for the unexpected? 

I encourage you to evaluate your days and let go of the things that are taking away from what really matters. Though good, those things may not be right in this season. Make time for God, yourself, your family and others, in that order, and you’ll experience greater peace instead of the constant rush of busyness.

Wife Step: Evaluate your schedule and let go of the unnecessary items that are filling your time. If you have trouble recognizing problem areas, humbly ask your husband for his feedback.

Grab our free marriage resources here!

Heather is passionate about Jesus, marriage, motherhood, and writing. She and her hubby have 5 kiddos, are enjoying their 2nd decade of marriage, and love being part of the local church. There’s really no such thing as “free time” but if there is a spare moment you’ll likely find Heather writing. She is currently putting the editing touches on her first book and has her sights set on authoring many more. Her love for coffee is strong, and her favorite way to enjoy her caffeine is during a conversation getting to know someone better. Heather’s passion is to encourage women in their pursuit of Jesus in all areas of life.

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