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The Gift of Hope

September 13, 2022

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By Kimberly Kralovic

Have you worried about your health or struggled while thinking, “I can’t imagine feeling myself again?” Well, dear wife, feeling the fullness of life is a possibility with perseverance and the gift of hope. 

Seeking the Gift of Hope

All my life, I felt like I was struggling in one way or another, whether it was in my emotional or physical health. Climbing up an uphill battle was all I knew. While there were many bumps in the road over the years, nothing compared to when I thought life couldn’t get any worse, as everything fell apart at the seams. 

There were many moments when I thought my story was stuck on repeat. At times I couldn’t imagine feeling healthy again and didn’t know who I was becoming, which scared me. I felt hopeless and guilty for robbing my now-husband of simple life experiences as my physical health declined. Even a simple walk was near impossible. 

Healing was a slow process, but I eventually saw the light of hope flicker. Psalm 147:3 ESV says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” As my physical health shifted by changing my environment, getting on the proper inhaler, and visiting the right doctors, I felt the Holy Spirit guiding me. 

Prayer was the glue holding every fragile piece of my heart together. After suffering from debilitating migraines for two years, and another year of intense breathing issues, each month slowly and steadily improved. Instead of constantly dwelling in a state of negativity, I felt like I was walking down a hill toward home. 

Why You Are Never Alone

It’s easy for me to tell you everything will work out. I know that my story pales compared to the wives dealing with cancer or a crushing health diagnosis, as each day on earth is a gift and never promised. 

But I can promise you that the Lord is holding your hand through the pain and anxiety. Let that sink in as your fear melts into faith. If this is you, dear wife, let this be your reminder when you point to the cross, you’re never alone.

As wives, it’s easy to feel alone in our journey as we bear our burdens. You may feel alone in friendship, health, marriage, and life. 

But what if the people around us want to help, listen, and comfort in moments of weakness? What if we receive advice or guidance we so desperately need? Perhaps transparency is the missing link that connects us to a deeper understanding, healing, and belonging. Being transparent can help us find the gift of hope in our struggles.

I learned the hard way that it’s hard to feel joyfully alive if you don’t have your health, and if you’re suffering physically, you’re possibly suffering mentally. So, wives, please dive into your community. 

Vulnerability is a sign of strength and comfort. Voice your concerns, doubts, and fears as you’re never alone. With the grace of God and a supportive village, the key to a healthier you is near, and the gift of hope will be in reach. 

Wife Step: Pray for the gift of hope to transform your health, heart and marriage.

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Kimberly Kralovic is a newlywed, writer, blogger and has a deep passion for encouraging women along the way. As an overcomer, she strives to touch souls with her authentic and impactful words, making others feel less alone in their journey while trusting God’s direction. Her tiny doses of happiness include hot cups of coffee, walking in nature, and all of life’s simple treasures.

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