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Ten Tips to Give Your Marriage a Fresh Start in 2019 – Susan Wilder

December 31, 2018

Ten Tips to Give Your Marriage a Fresh Start in 2019

Time Square erupts with exuberance. Celebratory high fives, heartfelt hugs, and passionate kisses vie for camera coverage. 2019 marches in and ready or not, and a new year begins.

Now what?  The celebration dims. Reality enters in, and it’s just another manic Monday.

How can we maximize all that a new year offers to our marriages besides the thrill of a ten second countdown?

Whether your marriage vows were spoken 42 years ago or seven months ago, the beginning moments of the new year can be opportunities for reflection and anticipation.  

Here are ten tips to give your marriage a fresh start in 2019.

  1. Consider beginning each day with a question:  How can I help you today?
  2. Revisit or initiate the conversation with your husband about parameters you’ve set as a couple to protect your marriage.  How does your social media represent your marriage? If you have separate accounts, do each of you have unlimited access to your spouse’s accounts?  Is your phone available to your spouse? How might setting phone-free times in the evening help your marriage this year? How will you each honor these?
  3. Check in with your husband during the day.  Does he have an important meeting today? Let him know you’re thinking of him.  Share your day’s schedule with your husband. Stay connected.
  4. Create intentional boundaries in your professional life.  Protect and honor your marriage.
  5. Are your finances together?  If not, are you discussing financial goals and decisions?
  6. Greet your husband in the evening – regardless of who is home first, plan to connect when your evening at home begins.
  7. Plan together for date nights.  Dream together about future hopes and dreams.
  8. Spend some time with a couple you respect who is a few years ahead of you.  Ask questions. Listen intently.
  9. Laugh together.
  10. Pray together.


Friends, our marriages were intended to thrive, not simply survive.  It’s a new year, a new day, a fresh beginning. Çheers to a new year and fresh starts.


Wife Step:  Think through this suggestive list.  Are there areas your marriage could incorporate some of these ideas?  Talk through a few with your husband.

Saying yes to Jesus in walking by faith has charted an unexpectedly challenging, joy-filled journey for Susan Wilder. From preschool teacher to writer, speaker, blogger, her sweetest moments come through encouraging women to seek God first and realize the hope we have in following Jesus. Tender love for her husband, Frank, daughters Katie, Kellie, and Mollie, son Clay, sons-in-law Chris, Tim and Tolliver drive her hobbies of cooking and reading. The title of Mimi to four grandboys is more precious than ever imagined. Just ask, she’ll tell you all about them. Susan currently serves as the Women’s Ministry Leader at Southeast Christian Church (Crestwood Campus) in Louisville, Kentucky.  Blog: www.byfaithandcoffee.com

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