Our Christmas Giveaway!

You know what we love? Love.


And we have a lot of friends who just want to love on you. We gave away many items on our A Wife Like Me Facebook Page and will give more away next Thursday! A HUGE thank you to all of our A Wife Like Me Contributors and friends who’ve given their resources simply to love on wives.


What we love about these products is that they KEEP ON GIVING. Because heart change isn’t a one time deal. Investing in your heart today invests in your marriage forever. And, who doesn’t love fun earrings?


If you’re giving gifts for yourself or others, these are amazing gifts to give – now and year round. Please note – we receive no compensation for these products – we simply love them, and their creators love YOU.


  1. 101 Simple Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him by Kathi Lipp


  1. 2019 Planner from Handwritten


  1. Be Still Creations Earrings


  1. Chin Up by Amy Seiffert


  1. Craving More by Michelle Rabon


  1. Displaying Grace by Michelle Rabon


  1. Farm Glam Earrings


  1. Generous Love by Becky Kopitzke


  1. Prayers of My Heart by Debbie Taylor Williams


  1. Shame off You by Denise Pass


  1. The Soul-Mate Marriage by David and Lisa Frisbie


  1. The Truth in the Mirror by Karla Downing

Amanda Davison is on a mission to share how her education in counseling and God’s word changed her life and marriage. Her goal is to transform marriages through the hearts of wives by inspiring wives to live convinced of God’s love and love others from this awesome overflow. She is The Wife Coach, Founder of A Wife Like Me, a Speaker, and Author. She works as the Director of Assimilations at The Naz church in Fergus Falls, MN, where her and her husband lead the Marriage Mentor Team. Her favorite ministry is inside her home where she is the wife to a farmer and mom to three. She looks forward to hearing from you and hopes you will join with her on the journey of learning to love God’s people well.

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