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Getting Past Your Fear That You Aren’t Good Enough – Hannah Ackley

May 17, 2018

Facing Your Fear That You Aren’t Good Enough

Marriage can be one of the greatest and most rewarding adventures that we embark upon. Unfortunately, sometimes our own fears and insecurities can make the marriage journey more challenging.


Going into my marriage, I was struggling with some deep body-shaming insecurities, and as our first year progressed, so did my weight gain, and along with it my insecurities. I allowed my weight to define me. I told myself, “Because I am overweight, I am unworthy.”


Soon, I began projecting my own thoughts and fears onto my husband. I believed that I was fat and ugly, so when he told me I was beautiful I would think “He’s such a liar!” This fear of being unworthy because of my weight took a toll on my emotional connection to him.


Have you ever allowed your insecurities to effect your marriage?


The good news is that we can find freedom in the body we have today and overcome feeling unworthy!


Face Your Fear

Admit what your insecurities and fears are, and choose to not live in the shadow of secret guilt and shame. When you internalize your insecurities and fears, you are  saying that you don’t need to deal with it or that you can deal with it on your own. This leaves little room for the Holy Spirit to come in and address these dark areas of your heart. When you acknowledge how you are feeling by speaking it aloud in your prayers, you relinquish control to the Lord! Jeremiah 33:3 says “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not yet known.”  What a beautiful promise from God to show us the freedom that comes with His presence!


In order to truly combat the lies of the enemy, we must constantly be filling up our soul with the presence of God, a discipline that takes a lot of practice and commitment. As much work as it may take to develop this discipline, it will be transformative for your relationships with Christ, yourself, and your husband!


As wives, when we face our fears and insecurities, we grow in our confidence of whose we are, and we discover new confidence within ourselves and in our marriage.


Wife Step: Pray this prayer:

God I welcome you into my heart fully and I give you complete control over my life. I don’t want to carry the load or heavy burden of insecurities. I confess that I have based my worth on my appearance and on my weight, and I no longer want to do that. I want a life that is free and full and I know the only way is by defining my worth in who You say I am! Father, create in me a heart and mind that is firmly planted in You!


What insecurity do you want to move past to better your marriage?

Hannah is the creator of She is passionate about helping women develop a Godly body-positive attitude about themselves, which is a journey that she is on herself. She is deeply in love with her Creator, and also her husband, the handsome youth pastor. They are currently expecting their first Baby in August, and are so excited for the new adventure of being parents!

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