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Establishing Your Non-Negotiables

January 18, 2023

Grab our Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Schedule that Works for You!

By Kimberly Kralovic

You may be a natural list maker, ready to kick off and knock off every item. Perhaps resolutions or goalss seem life-giving and attainable. But what if you establish non-negotiables instead?

The New Year Slump

While I love writing down my hopes and dreams, I wasn’t always a fan of New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes goals were unattainable, and other times I changed my mind. But, more times than not, my heart beamed with excitement. So, I jumped all in full force. That is until I crashed and burned weeks later, often resulting in defeat.

I had plans for every category, from diet and exercise to relationship and career goals. While many things fell short, the giddiness of starting something new fed my soul. However, the feeling didn’t last, and I knew I needed to re-check my heart. 

The following year, I changed my mindset. Instead of making an official “New Year resolution,” doomed to fail, I wrote down a list of non-negotiables. Many of the tasks included a simple daily routine. While the action steps seemed ordinary, I knew accomplishing the basics was what my soul needed. Then, I could easily plan for the bigger goals over time.

Whether your aspirations include starting a new business or walking outside each day, both are equally important. Rather than diving into the deep end, and getting into a New Year slump, start slow. Try dipping your feet in shallow waters. Take one day at a time, lean on Christ, and goodness will follow. 

What Matters Most

Fulfilling the calling God put in your heart isn’t always easy. You may have doubts, fears, and plenty of unanswered questions. However, one of the non-negotiables as Christians means leaning on him first. Perhaps your goal is to include more Bible reading, daily prayer, or even praying with your husband. 

Regardless of what you need more of to enrich your life, you’ll never regret deepening your faith. Proverbs 3:6 says, “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” (ESV) When accepting Christ, he can pave the way when you’re feeling lost.

Here are five questions to ask yourself in 2023:

  1. What has God put in my heart this year?
  2. Is this goal self-serving or God-serving?
  3. How can I healthily challenge myself?
  4. Will this ultimately help or hinder my marriage and family?
  5. What additional steps do I need to take each day?

From there, you’re well on your way to a fuller life. A life that no longer includes unrealistic or unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. But a life that has profound meaning and a deeper purpose. Perhaps a new life is waiting by shifting and prioritizing what matters most. 

So, think of the bigger picture. What do you want to accomplish within the year, and why? How can you think of creative ways to get closer to your husband? Think of all the ways your current life is lacking and how you can make simple changes to enhance your marriage and routine.

Wife Step: Write down your non-negotiables. Think of how one simple decision can make a positive impact.

Grab our Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Schedule that Works for You!

Kimberly Kralovic is a newlywed, writer, blogger and has a deep passion for encouraging women along the way. As an overcomer, she strives to touch souls with her authentic and impactful words, making others feel less alone in their journey while trusting God’s direction. Her tiny doses of happiness include hot cups of coffee, walking in nature, and all of life’s simple treasures. 

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