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Drawing Boundaries for Your Protection

November 26, 2022

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By Kimberly Kralovic

There are times when drawing boundaries for your protection is more important than adding another checkbox to your to-do list.  

Initiating Boundaries 

When was the last time you and your husband had quality time together? Perhaps you are a people pleaser, and the yeses come naturally to you. 

In a cycle of hustle, I scheduled work duties, appointments and everything I had to accomplish. However, without setting proper boundaries, I was serving everyone else’s needs but my own. As a result, the things that truly mattered became tossed aside. 

Not only did I lose happiness, but I wasn’t honoring my husband. The result wasn’t a pretty picture. We were constantly on edge, stressed out, and felt like something had to change. After recognizing this unfortunate truth, I sat back and wrestled with various scenarios. Between a potential job change and the possibility of free time, I felt open to new opportunities.

Before making any decisions, I made a mental note and opened my calendar for specific dates. Although we led busy lives, I established non-negotiables like evening walks with my husband. 

The little to-do item was a great starting point for our marriage. It became our special time to reconnect while moving our bodies from our sedentary jobs. Although we didn’t have funds for an extravagant date night, the simple steps mattered. 

Drawing Boundaries for Your Protection

Hope Within the Hustle 

While we still had workloads to manage, prioritizing time for us each night became sweeter. Plus, I got more done throughout my day, as I learned when to switch my different hats. I felt richness and ease by saying yes to my emotional health first. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” (ESV)

Just because you haven’t mastered your life doesn’t mean there can’t be hope within the hustle. Take an extra day off to unwind. Then, put forth the extra effort and plan something fun for you and your husband.

Boundaries can breathe new life into our souls and our relationships. When I placed certain people and things into categories, life became much easier to handle. Life can be draining without boundaries. Figuring out what works best for you is the best boundary lesson you can learn. 

Aligning Your Priorities

There are key takeaways to remember when it comes to drawing boundaries for your protection. Whether you need additional boundaries regarding family, friends, or work, sometimes you need to take a step back. Pause, pray and maybe you can draw a new line, too.

Here are three questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you currently loving others well?
  2. Do you feel frazzled in your day-to-day duties?
  3. Do you feel guilty saying no to others?

When we feel out of alignment, it’s even harder to establish boundaries with others. Despite the busyness, we can still honor top commitments. Pick just three per day to get started.

Before cracks form on our foundation, we must always put Christ first. Then, setting limits on what we allow to enter our lives is crucial. Implementing boundaries is stewarding our God-given gifts. Drawing boundaries for your protection will bless you, your husband, and others as you learn to practice greater self-control.

Wife Step: Implement a new boundary to protect your well-being and marriage. 

Grab our free marriage resources here!

Kimberly Kralovic is a newlywed, writer, blogger and has a deep passion for encouraging women along the way. As an overcomer, she strives to touch souls with her authentic and impactful words, making others feel less alone in their journey while trusting God’s direction. Her tiny doses of happiness include hot cups of coffee, walking in nature, and all of life’s simple treasures. 

  1. Lashunta says:

    I love the questions you posed. Good stuff. It took me a while and sometimes I still stumble but boundaries have been a blessing to me.

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