365 More Chances

I have been thinking about 2020 for a while. Owning your own business requires working at least a year in advance. I am grateful for the perspective because it keeps my eyes facing ahead rather than in this temporary moment, which too is important.


You see in all the planning and preparations for the new year I know that what I am doing right now is a small step forward to a bigger picture, and each step matters. Miss a step in my job and things may not turn out as they should. 


Each day in a year is a step forward into the bigger picture. It is 365 more chances to do things that need to be done, to love people that need to be loved, and find ways to make an impact on your world. 


We can set goals, plan projects, make resolutions that may last, or may not, but if we don’t align our hearts with God’s then our efforts will be for nothing. 


As we walk into the new year with goals and dreams, let’s be sure to make one commitment that can change everything. This one choice can radically impact our marriages and the way we parent our children. 


What is it? It is choosing to be in God’s Word. 


So how do we do that? I’m so glad you asked.


  1. Pick up a Bible you can read: For my everyday reading I use the NIV Bible or the NLT Bible. They are easier to read than some of the other translations. 
  2. Listen to the Word: While your brushing your teeth and putting on your makeup, turn on the Bible app and allow it to read beautiful words from Scripture to you.
  3. Put it around your house: Write down key verses on sticky notes or notecards. Put them in your car, on your fridge, at your desk. Anywhere you can see them on a regular basis. 
  4. Get up 15 minutes earlier: If mornings feel too rushed to be in the Word, try getting up 15 minutes earlier every day and use that time to open your Bible or pray before getting out of bed. 
  5. Practice as a family: At night around the table or before you head to bed, take time to read the Bible together and talk about what it means. 


Making the habit of being in the Word every day isn’t setting a resolution like going on a diet. This is a heart changing exercise and habit of growing closer to Jesus every day. The beauty is we have 365 chances to do it every year. 


Wife Step: Pick a way to focus on the Word in 2020. Grab a reading plan or resource to help you stay on track. 

Michelle is a writer and speaker on a mission to equip women to thrive in their walk with Jesus by getting into God’s Word every day. She is a wife to Jeremy – a Minister of Music, and mom to three wild and wonderful kids. She loves Christmas music all year, collecting shells, crazy socks, and drinking lots of coffee. You can find her at, on Instagram @displayinggrace, or on Facebook @Displaygrace 



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