Wives With Blended Families


The One in Front of You – Natalia Drumm

The One in Front of You I was 16 years old when a teenage boy at church asked me to be his girlfriend. We were babies who had no idea what the future would hold. All we knew was that we liked each other and really wanted this relationship to work out long term. ...

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Yearning for Brave – Shannon Geurin

Yearning for Brave There’s just something about a brave woman.    She walks differently.  She stands differently.  She’s just “different.”   And yet, she’s not that different than the rest of us. Because we all have it in us to be brave.  Every. Single. One....

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Get to Know Us – Episode 0

Season 1, Episode 0 Get to Know Us Get to know the story behind A Wife Like Me, what we're all about, what you can expect when you listen, and a bit about your co-hosts! This episode will give you a bit of the 'behind the scenes' regarding our hearts, and what you'll...

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